Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt Requirements: Fundamentals for All by Roy Dean



Yes. For any casual White Belt who is looking for a general framework of techniques on their way to Blue Belt.


This 2-disc DVD set by Roy Dean offers an outstanding blueprint for the White Belt Practitioner.  The techniques shown have a good amount of detail without overwhelming the viewer.  Roy shows and communicates the “nuts and bolts” of techniques he requires his students to know before progressing to Blue Belt.   There is a nice assortment of basic techniques from different positions.  The viewer is guided through each technique in a very calm relaxed manner that makes it comfortable to follow.  With almost 3 hours long, the set has just the right amount of detail for the novice.  Every White Belt will be somewhat challenged by the techniques without being overwhelmed.  All in all, the set offers a nice categorized array of basic techniques for the white belt.  Again, the instruction is clear and concise.  The techniques are also shown from multiple angles which paints a clearer picture of each technique.  Also included in the set are some perspectives on the journey from White Belt to Black Belt, Jiu Jitsu combinations, some competition footage, and some Roy’s students testing for Blue Belt (demonstrations)

The set offers a very easy to follow list of techniques taught in a slow relaxed manner.  The techniques are categorized well with each shown multiple times from different angles.  Roy’s instruction method is calm and slow which can help White Belts who are easily overwhelmed.  The amount of detail is good, but not great.  I believe this was done intentionally as to not overwhelm the newbie.  This set is perfect for the casual BJJ practitioner who likes Roy’s Zen like approach to the art.

The production (filmed in 2007 or 2008) is not the greatest.  The video and sound quality are adequate but not great.  This set probably wont be enough for the ravenous White Belt who desires precise details of each technique they learn.  Also, folks that have MMA aspirations you might want to look elsewhere. The set also does not address the self-defense aspect of the art.   Those that desire a “self-defense first” BJJ instructional, I recommend The Gracie Combatives  set.