The Black Belt Blueprint: An Intelligent Approach to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



Yes, for new WHITE BELTS


Nicolas Gregoriades (Roger Gracie Black Belt) has compiled a nicely organized guidebook for the beginning practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This book is inexpensive and covers a wide variety of topics.  Labeled “The Black Belt Blueprint,”  it is most certainly written for the newcomer to the art.  This book pretty much covers everything the White Belt should know on his/her journey.  Although this is not a book of specific techniques, it illustrates key principles that are necessary while applying them.  Topics like expansion and contraction from one’s center, breath control, and head and eye movement are just some examples.  The basic framework of BJJ is also covered, such as the basic positions one should know, how Jiu Jitsu basically works and how to progress through the ranks.  Some mental aspects one should know are also covered.  Nicolas emphasizes the benefit of yoga, visualization, and meditation.   All in all, this is a nice, easy to read, guidebook for the new student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  White Belts can’t go wrong if they follow the

This book is a thorough catalog of the BASICS of BJJ.  It is easy to follow and can be easily digested by the newcomer.  It has great illustrations that help shed light on the topics.  I think every new white belt that steps onto the mat should have his/her own copy.  It will greatly increase the learning curve.

The title of this book is a little misleading.  It would better be titled “The White Belt’s Guide To Learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.”  As stated previously, it is a very basic guidebook.  Solid Blue Belts and higher might roll their eyes at most of the content and think “yeah, duh!”