Mastering the Twister – Eddie Bravo



Yes, but take it with some grains of salt.  It is a great supplement for learning different variations of side control and back takes.  However, there is a huge introduction (47 pages) where Eddie gives his autobiography with lots of drug references and other non-Jiu Jitsu topics.  Unfortunately, it comes across as vanity.  I highly recommend a SOLID grasp of fundamentals first, so at least BLUE BELT.


Overall, there is some really great content in this book. Some really cool innovated stuff to help with mounting an offense against your opponent.  Especially useful is the sections dedicated to getting “The Truck” position, which is a modified back take.

There are also some crafty versions of side control and mount which Eddie ties into his Twister System.  There are some techniques that assumes a good amount of knee flexibility, which limits who can actually apply these techniques (much like the whole 10th Planet System).  But, there is still a ton of usable and applicable techniques that can be implemented by the ‘average’ practitioner. The book is really well done with nice photographs and excellent written detail of the moves.

The negative aspect of this book is obviously the long, and crude introduction.  This may drive off some morally sensitive practitioners away from it.  The actual Jiu Jitsu in this book is really innovative, creative and useful and it would have got a higher rating except for that dumb introduction which was a waste of space.