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The Science of Jiu-Jitsu 1 by Demian Maia



Not unless your a big fan of Demian Maia.   Although the 6-volume set is packed with info, it is extremely laborious to get through it all.


Demian Maia is a wealth of Jiu Jitsu knowledge and is well known within the BJJ and MMA circles.  In this 3-disc, 6 volume (ie chapters), he covers some of the basics of BJJ: Defending The Guard Pass, The Triangle Choke, The Omoplata, Escaping Side Control, Attacking the Back, and Counter Attacks.  Throughout each chapter, Demian instructs the concepts and movements in English, which is not his native tongue.  I commend him on this effort (which I assume isn’t easy) but it is somewhat difficult to follow.  His partner throughout speaks/understands no English, so Demian is constantly switching to Portuguese to tell his partner to move, adjust angles, and attack.  Also, because of the language barrier, Demian is very repetitive, explaining the same concept/move way too many times.   This makes it very difficult for the viewer to follow.

All-in-all, Demian Maia is a master at Jiu Jitsu, and attempts to bring it across to the student (viewer).  However, Because he is not instructing in his native Portuguese, he has a difficult time getting his message across smoothly.  If you are a fan of Demian Maia then you can look past all of these obstacles.  However, If your indifferent to him, then you will no doubt be exhausted listening to and following his instructions.  If it weren’t for the communication issues this set would be Good, but as it stands it is just Okay.