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Reilly Bodycomb’s No-Gi Sambo Collection 7 DVD Set



100% Yes.  For any BJJ practitioner who has an open minded approach to learning from other grappling methods.


This set includes an enormous amount of valuable content!

1) SAMBO Leg Locks for No Gi Grappling Vol 1 (2009)
2) SAMBO Leg Locks for No Gi Grappling Vol 2 (2010)
3) Combat SAMBO: Dynamic Entry! (2011)
4) Top Rock (2013)
5) No Kurtka SAMBO Vol 1 (2014)
6) No Kurtka SAMBO Vol 2 (2014)
7) Top Rock 2 – TURBO (2016)


Disc 1 & 2 contain outstanding leglock seminars!  Reilly’s systematic teaching method and layering of techniques can immediately improve how you implement leg attacks.  Questions are answered and all the “what if’s” are addressed.

Disc 3 is unique.  It is combat SAMBO so it has a lot of striking elements in it, which parallels the “self-defense” aspect to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  For the self-defense minded BJJ practitioner, this gives a refreshing set of techniques.  It also adds a slew of flashy and cool dynamic entries explained incredibly well.  Flying scissors, victor rolls, flying triangles, etc.  Super fun instructional!

Disc 4 is Reilly’s seminar where he combines the strategy of linking guard passing with leg attacks/leg locks.  This seminar was eye-opening to me an a lot of BJJ players.

Disc 5 & 6 are instructional discs that focus on No Gi (kurtka) grappling.  Obviously from a SAMBO foundation, Reilly makes it very accessible to BJJ players.  Tons of wrestling elements , some dynamic entries, and leglock information.

Disc 7 is his most recent seminar where he has polished up the guard passing and leglock combination material.  Reilly’s seminars are very informative and he leaves no question unanswered.   The emphasis of funneling or corralling your opponent into predictable patterns of behavior is a powerful theme to his grappling method. This disc showcases that theme/strategy very well.

Awesome instructional DVD set!  A goldmine of content that is way underpriced.  Reilly also offers individual purchases & digital downloads if someone doesn’t want the complete set.  Check him out HERE.