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YES!  Everyone one can benefit from this DVD set! Each viewer will take away different things from it depending on their experience. There are gems of knowledge for each belt level. If you are new to Arm Triangles this is an excellent place to start. If you are experienced and have been using Arm Triangles with a low percentage of success you will gain A TON from it.


This is a 3 disc DVD set covering Ryan Hall’s principles and execution of the Arm Triangle submission.  Like his other instructional DVDs, Ryan layers this one in a very logical order, starting off with easy to understand concepts and mechanical details the viewer must know first before diving into the more complex movements, set-ups and combinations.  Ryan provides copious amounts of details of these principles in his typical talkative and informal style.  He breaks down what actually makes the submission work very nicely.  Ryan Hall cuts right to the meat and potatoes of it. Also, to his credit, he gives his assistant Seph Smith the credit for actually being the expert at this submission.  For some short teaching clips from Seph Smith regarding the arm triangle (Ryan Hall’s first Black Belt) Watch the clips below.

After laying out a clear blueprint for the submission, Ryan then goes on to describe and detail the variants of the Arm Triangle, which he eloquently refers to as “different expressions of the same technique.”   These include the standard side Arm Triangle (which he refers to as Side Choke or Kata Gatame), the D’arce Choke (which he calls the Brabo Choke), the Anaconda Choke, the Ezekiel Choke (which he does differently than the commonly taught version), and the Guillotine. Ryan then continues the by laying out some useful combinations that give the viewer a clearer picture of the technique Continue reading RYAN HALL – ARM TRIANGLES DVD SET


Preview this set.



YES!  Most of the concepts at the beginning of the series are for white belts and up. However, some of the concepts, movements and techniques may be more beneficial for Blue Belts and up.


This is a 3 disc DVD set covering Ryan Hall’s principles and technical strategies for attacking the back.  All in all the set has some great content and can be a game changer for anyone interested in the back.  Ryan has a very talkative teaching style and gives loads of fast paced details.  So fast indeed that the viewer will undoubtedly watch it several times to absorb all that he is laying out.  He also frequently uses unique analogies to help the viewer understand the principles of back control/attack.  These analogies will probably be hit or miss depending on the viewer, but he throws enough of them out there that some are bound to click.

Ryan begins the series with simpler, but extremely important, principles.  He repeatedly emphasizes the importance of positional control throughout the series.  He breaks his positional control concepts down into two main categories, lower body (hooks) and upper body (harness) control.  One of the early gems in the set is his method to achieve or recover the back position he calls “The Chair Sit.”  This is an essential part of his back attack method.  He couples this with upper body control position he calls “The Harness.”  The set continues with movement options to gain access to the back as well as attacking the turtle position.

With these principles being well covered, Ryan then goes into finishing or submission sequences including the Rear Naked Choke, Ezekial Choke and the Bow and Arrow Choke.  He finalizes the series with the unconventional Rolling Back Attack sequences.  This flashy but useful movement is covered in great detail (the entire third disc is devoted to this).  This is another goldmine of information. In typical Ryan Hall fashion, he starts off by explaining and demonstrating key concepts that must be understood before attempting to do a Rolling Back Attack.

The amount of information and detail is stellar!  If anyone has trouble getting or more often keeping the back mount position, this set will help a great deal.  The Rolling Back Attack section could be an entire instructional all by itself.  That it is included in this set is the icing on the cake.  The layering method of his instruction is great.  Ryan makes sure the viewer understands the underlying principles before learning the specifics.  For those that love lengthy and descriptive, principle-based teaching, this is right up your alley.  It is very apparent that Ryan is not reading from a script.  He is speaking (teaching) informally and sincerely.  It is obvious that he knows the topic well and is confidant teaching it. There is really nothing left out of this topic (Back Attacks).  With this set, the viewer has access to a whole and well-rounded back attack system.  The set is organized very well with specific chapters on each disc clearly labeled so that you can skip ahead to any one of them without having to watch others.

Ryan’s fast-paced teaching style can be a drawback for some.  He zips through the topic and veers off on tangents that he feels is relevant to the point he is trying to make.  If your attention is not sharply focused on his teaching you can easily get lost.  So, in order to get full benefit from this series and piece together for yourself all that he is throwing at you, you’ll have to be fully alert and fully focused.  This is not a casual viewing…it’s going to take some work on your part.