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Yes!  A white belt must have!  Also for anyone who has forgotten what the guard was primarily designed for.  Intermediate and Advanced players will also benefit from Ryan’s conceptual/philosophical outlook on the guard.


Like all of Ryan Hall’s instructional DVD’s, this one is crammed packed full of theory.  This is not simply a series of techniques or moves.  This is a well thought out and layered approach to a PRINCIPLE (or set of them) that he demonstrates through specific techniques.  The theme of Building Your Wall is hammered into the viewer. This may seem redundant, but with each chapter there are subtle differences and details that are important.

If you are not familiar with Ryan Hall, then understand this:  He thinks and speaks quickly. So the viewer must pay attention.  The casual viewer is sure to miss key details.  He gives constant analogies and examples to illustrate his message.

This 3 disc set is lengthy!  No one can (or should) sit through all of it in one sitting. It s just too much to digest.  The best way to extract the information is to watch Disc 1 several times over a couple days and let the information sink in.  Then move on to Disc 2, etc.

If you want your guard to get better, this is a great investment.