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Mastering Triangle Chokes by Neil Melanson



100% Yes!


THE most complete and thorough instructional on this nasty submission ever!  Neil Melanson covers so many details and different types of Triangle chokes that it’s overwhelming.  He breaks the submissions in three varying types:  The traditional triangle, Arm on the mat Triangle, and the Sankaku (a 120 degree tilted-type triangle).  Then he delves into your opponent’s differing body positions relative to your own.   It seems that no detail is left out.  It is 287 pages full of usefulness for the triangle aficionado!  Great pictures with each position of the techniques from different angles.  Every technique in this book is shown without the gi, so there is a heavy emphasis on clinching your opponent.

Without a doubt one of my favorite instructional references ever!  One that I read over an over.  This is one of two BOOKS that I would recommend any serious BJJ practitioner (the other is Saulo Ribeiro’s Jiu Jitsu University).

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